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Dampier Flyfishing in Dampier

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Dampier is a small satellite town of Karratha, about 17km to the west. In summer Dampier (and Karratha), is a hot place. But the upside is that in winter the temperatures are near perfect. The scenery is surreal - massive industry situated amongst ancient landscape of red rock rubble and scrub. The ocean is dark blue. 


This is the jumping off point for the incredible fishing amongst the islands of the Dampier Archipelago. There are 42 islands and rocks lying within a 45 Kilometre radius. The fishing is diverse and fantastic.


Dampier has good recreational boat launching facilities, boats for hire and charter operators.

Weather plays a big part - cylones plague the area during late summer.  High winds are par for the course at most times of the year - but the islands of the archipelago can usually provide enough shelter for good flyfishing.   The range of species is astonishing.


Autumn, winter and spring through to early summer - most of the year is good.


Karatha regional airport

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