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Dart trachinoyus russelli
aka: Swallowtail, Poor man's permit

 Photo: © Jono Shales

Dubbed as the poor man's permit, these hungry little speedsters have no problems eating flies, whereas unlike their distant cousins the permit, these fish are happy eaters and nowhere near as spooky.

Their name is very descriptive of their fast 'darting' action towards a fly and the fight once hooked.


Dart are usually found along sandy shorlines next to gutters and rocky outcrops, clear beaches and sandy points.

They are relatively easy to see with their dark fins giving away their position and they're often found in small groups of similar sized fish.


Tackle and methods for Dart

What tackle to use
6-8wt outfits are ideal as these are a light saltwater target

What flies to use
Clousers; Surf Candies; Crazy Charlies; Gotchas

Fishing strategy
Short sharp strips of the fly tend to get the eat

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