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Australian Saltwater Fly Fishing Guides & Operators
Each fly fishing guide and charter operator have their own web page here on swoffa where you you will find information on what services each offers, the area they work in and what species of fish can be targeted while fishing with them.   Australia boasts some of the world's most amazing saltwater fly fishing action with large parts of the coastline still totally untouched and pristine. The fly fishing in Australia is truly world class but the sheer scale of the continent and knowing where and when to go, mean it's not always that easy.   The only sure fire way to get into the centre of the action is with local knowledge in the form of guides, mother-ships and lodge operators - swoffa.com provides you access to that local knowledge.

Australian Saltwater Fly Fishing Guides

Australian Flyfishing Outfitters

Barra Lodge Arnhemland

Carpentaria Seafaris

Exmouth Fly Fishing

Fish Philliskirk

Gavin Platz

Justin Duggan

Mark Bargenquast

Melville Island Lodge

Nomad Sportfishing

One Tree Beach

Paul Dolan

Rod Harrison

Wilderness Island
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