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Black Marlin makaira indica
aka: Black, Beakie

 Photo: © Nat Brohmead

One of Australia's iconic billfish species.


Tackle and methods for Black Marlin

What tackle to use
10 - 16wt rods, large arbour reels with a minimum of 250m of backing for smaller specimens, 500m min for large fish.

What flies to use
Flashy Profiles; Cam Sigler Flies; Large Deceivers

The most common method is to troll teasers behind a boat along current lines and in the proximity of bait, then adopt the switch and cast technique.

Each year from Cape Bowling Green in North Queensland, a run of juvenile black marlin migrate Southwards along the coastline following currents and food. The juvenile marlin can at times be found close to shore and in shallow water depending on the currents that year.

It's times like this when free swimming black marlin can be targeted with the fly

Target Black Marlin in the following locations:

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