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Broad Barred Mackerel scomberomorus semifasciatus
aka: Broad Barred King Mackerel, Spaniard, Grey Mackerel


Similar to their cousins the Spanish Mackerel, these pelagic predators are every bit as fast and ferocious.

They are distinguished by the thicker and more prominent longitudinal patterns down each side and with a smaller and pointier head. These are free-roaming oceanic fish usually found schooling over offshore reefs and drop-offs feeding on baitfish.


Broad barred mackies are found from Shark Bay in the West to Northern New South Whales on the East Coast.

Hard fighting and lightning fast, these toothy critters require wire trace or a lucky hookset if you want to land one on the fly.


Tackle and methods for Broad Barred Mackerel

What tackle to use
9 -10 wt rods, large arbour reels for quick line retrieve. Use wire trace as they have razor sharp teeth.

What flies to use
Deceivers; Clousers; Flashy Profiles; Poppers; Crease flies; Baitfish patterns

Fishing strategy
Sinking lines fished around inshore reefs or headlands. Find a bait school being harassed by mackerel, cast alongside and let the fly sink and strip like all hell.

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