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Spanish Mackerel scomberomorus commersoni
aka: Spaniard, Narrow-Barred Spansih Mackeral


Fast, voracious and prone to aerial missile launches, Spaniards are free-roaming oceanic predators usually found schooling over offshore reefs and drop-offs feeding on baitfish.

They can attain unbelievable speeds with a smash and grab approach to their feeding and are well known for launching themselve into the air when raiding schools of baitfish from underneath.

Spaniards hit flies with such speed that often the take is either missed or the angler receives a line burn so fast on the stripping hand and lets the line go.


Distribution: Northern and central waters of Australia Size: Size: 5 - 14kg. can reach over 50kg.

Large Spaniards are serious contenders on a fly rod and require pateinece and a well executed approach when targetting larger specimens. They have a mouth full of razor blades and a carnivorous attitude to match.

Armed with a moth full of razorblades and incredible striking speed, these are a very serious fly rod contender.


Tackle and methods for Spanish Mackerel

What tackle to use
9 - 12 wt outfits, large arbour reels that hold at least 200m of backing of you're after big Spaniards. Use wire trace.

What flies to use
Deceivers; Flashy Profiles; Popper; Crease fly; Gurgler; Things; Clouser.

Fishing strategy
Spaniards are mainly caught offshore as they are pelagic - search areas around headlands and reef pinnacles. The strike is usually extremely hard and fast as is the first run. Hold on!

Around bait schools and when using burley, a sinking line would be best. If the fish are feeding towards the surface then you could get away with an intermediate line.

Target Spanish Mackerel in the following locations:

Target Spanish Mackerel with the following guides:

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