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Brassy Trevally caranx papuensis
aka: Brassy

 Photo: © Jono Shales

Fast, agressive and powerfull, brassy's are first cousin of the Giant Trevally. Defined by yellow tips to their dorsal and tail fins plus black speckles along their backs, brassy's are serious business.

Hook a small one and you will be amazed at the strength and speed of these fish, hook a big one and hold on tight because it's a radical ride.


Found in tropical waters along with the rest of the trevally family, these fish are equally at home over reefs and bommies as they are chasing down bait in shallow water.

These fish grow big and have no hesitation in taking flies and taking you way into your backing. Great fun on a fly rod.


Tackle and methods for Brassy Trevally

What tackle to use
Larger species mean business so for fish 10kg + a minimum 10wt should be used. Some anglers prefer a 12wt for the really big ones.

What flies to use
Clousers, deceivers, poppers, sliders, keel flies

Fishing strategy
Dredging flies over reefs and bommies, or sight casting to cruising and feeding fish in shallow water

Sinking lines for dredging, intermediate line for flats work

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