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Blackspot Tuskfish choerodon schoenleinii
aka: Blue Bone

 Photo: © Jono Shales
General information about Blackspot Tuskfish
Barramundi are an ambush feeder, living mainly in estuaries but also found on inshore shallow reefs and beaches. Best targetted in areas combining cover and flow - tidal zones of rivers are prime but also well up into fresh tributaries of esturine systems. Look for water flowing out of mangroves into gutters. Does well as a stocked fish in freshwater impoundments where they grow to exeptional size given good cover and supply of baitfish.

The iconic Aussie fish. Smash-takes, gill-rattling jumps, and white-knuckle lunges for the snags. A handsome beast of a fish. 1-15kg, exceptional specimens over 50kg.

A Barra won't usually travel far from cover to attack, best presentation is close to the cover as possible. If the Barra is in the mood a reflex attack will be triggered. It may require several
  presentations to get a response (or get frustrated). Sometimes they will stalk a fly being fished so that it appears to be an injured baitfish making a sudden lunge at a time of their choosing.

It vacuum sucks its prey and briefly 'feels' it in it's mouth before swallowing and turning back for the cover. If takes are being missed you might need to experiment with timing of the strike - sometimes a short pause is necessary for success.

Baitfish imitations mainly but also prawn and crab flies. In turbid water think about bulky flies that "push" water. Bright colours are good, pink is a good place to start. The bigger end of size 1/0 to 6/0 is preferred.
  Best time to target Blackspot Tuskfish
Prime time after the northern Australia wet season, April and May, and also again leading up to the following wet season in October and November.

Tackle and methods for Blackspot Tuskfish

What tackle to use
9-10wt fly rods with floating or intermediate lines

What flies to use
Crabs, prawns, and other flats style flies

Fishing strategy
Be patient, stalk the fish quietly and present the fly to feeding fish.

They do not like to eat a moving fly

Target Blackspot Tuskfish in the following locations:

Target Blackspot Tuskfish with the following guide:

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