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Yellowfin Bream yellowfin bream - acanthopagrus australis
aka: Bream, Yellowfin Bream


Considered as a 'bread and butter' species, the humble bream can be found around the whole of Australia inhabiting structure like jetties, pylons, rockbars and any submereged objects.

Bream are highly prized by recreational anglers as good eating and more often than not are targetted for their tasty white and firm flesh.


Tackle and methods for Yellowfin Bream

What tackle to use
Light saltwater rods from 5-7wt, light leaders

What flies to use
Small clousers; Crazy Charlies; Small surface poppers

Fishing strategy
Cast close to structure and slow bouncing of the fly should induce a strike.

Target Yellowfin Bream in the following locations:

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