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Eastern Australian Salmon arripis trutta
aka: Kahawai, Sambo

 Photo: © Jono Shales

The Australian salmon or kahawai as it is widely known, is a much loved species providing an important mainstay of saltwater fly fishing in the southern parts of Oz.

It is actually not a salmon, but rather a type of sea perch. There are two species in Australia, Eastern and Western, both can be found in the Southern waters with the Western Australia variety growing somewhat larger.


The favourite method is to locate visible schools on the surface or wash areas around headlands, and cast to them during their periods of feeding frenzy.

Sessions of 10 or more fish aren't uncommon and once a school is located, it can mean hours of fun for the fly angler.


Tackle and methods for Eastern Australian Salmon

What tackle to use
For plenty of fun go as light as a 5wt and up to a 9wt in windy conditions. An intermediate sinking line is recommended.

What flies to use
East coast fish will take small surf candies and baitfish profiles that resemble the small bait that these fish feed on. West coast fish will take much larger flies and poppers.

Fishing strategy
Early in the season use small, semi transparent flies like size 2 and size 4 surf candies with a tiny black eye.

Later in the season they will also feed on much larger baitfish - poppers and gurglers can be very effective.

Casting to visible schools that are feeding on the surface or casting in and around the wash areas around rocky headlands and beaches. Keeping the fly in the fish's feeding zone will produce the best results.

Target Eastern Australian Salmon in the following locations:

Target Eastern Australian Salmon with the following guide:

Justin Duggan
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