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23/05/2009  Boneheads with the WA swoffers
After Wilderness Island, we joined up with 'Boneheads' which for those who don't know, is the annual migration of swoffers to Exmouth for a week of fly fishing nirvana. Most of the guys are from the Perth club 'Saltwater Flyrodders', but this year there were guys from Darwin, Karratha, Sydney and even a dude from Idaho!

Here's a few pics of the shenanigans ..

May as well celebrate life to the full

Matt Dundas with his slab of Exmouth gold

4 mates camping on a remote island, a million miles from care, talking crap around a campfire

Wes from Idaho tying his first ever saltwater flies, the humble clouser ... while the billie heats water for a morning cup of tea

Nobody is going anywhere until the tide comes in

Matt eventually got this his well deserved goldy on the flats ... on day 12!!

My first threadfin salmon - super stoked!

Also got a wolf-herring which was another new species for me

Seriously-pointy pointy-end

A welcomed change from the relentless goldy attack ... a brassy trevally

On the last day of Boneheads I dropped Matt off at the airport after 2 weeks of seriously eipc fun.

At 4:30 that afternoon after carying out some maintenance on the rig, Wes from Idaho came across to our cabin and was mumbling something about how cool the last few days have been for him, learning all this new stuff, meeting new people who are into fly fishing etc ... The previous day Wes had caught his first golden on the first fly that he'd ever made that very morning. To say he was stoked is an understatement. When he hooked up, we could hear him holler from 2km away.

I suggested we bettered the previous day's feat and offered to take him out on the boat for the sunset and see if we could get him a longtail tuna on the fly.

The pics speak for themselves..

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