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20/04/2009  Shark Bay to Exmouth
So on we went to Exmouth, 8 hours drive North, the rig packed and our excitement brewing for some hardcore fly fishing.

What a beautiful sight ..

As we drove into town we turned right towards the marina, dropped the boat in and headed out for a fish. Not knowing the place from a bar of soap we played it safe and headed about 2km down the beach looking for anything that moves, but it was an afternoon filled with a few small reef fish each.

Exploring the place and not knowing where to go is rather challenging. Learning everything from scratch like where where to stay, where to get fresh water, where the shops are, how the tides affect launching the boat, where the zones are (there's lots of them), where the bloody coral bommies are .. and so on.

Here's some pics of the first few days as we started finding our feet and getting into some good fish around the Western side, the ocean and in the gulf.

Spangled emperor that was teased in with a hookless popper along the Northern tip of the Cape

A teenage GT from one day when we headed down the gulf looking for some of the big queenies we'd been hearing about

Then on the way home we came across some longtails and instantly the fun-o-meter started peaking!

We had a brilliant afternoon, a couple of double hook-ups and 4 or 5 fish each, one of which provided us with a delicious fish feast that night. Tuna on fly really is the shit !!

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