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swoffing safari 2009

15/04/2009  First fish of the trip - big WA salmon
The salmon in WA are another breed completely! Nothing like the Sydney ones at all that at times seem impossible to tempt even with eyes flies. These beasts aren't scared of big flies at all.

My mate Etienne suggested we get some live herring and use them as live bait on his conventional rod. He hooked a 6 inch herring onto a single hook and threw it into a wash where we saw the salmon sitting ... it lasted about 5 seconds before a large salmon inhaled it and instantly pulled line and took to the air. I was gob smacked at the size of these things, they are a true sport fish.

Over the 2 days we fished Dunsborough, we both got about 8 fish, all between 5-7kg. This one on the 9wt had no hesitation in taking a 6/0 deceiver ... check out the beard!!

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