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01/06/2009  Fishing with Rod
The past few weeks have been filled with some truly memorable experiences, not only for me as Safari leader but for my mates who have been invited to join me.

Sharing personal bests and new species captures with guys really is something special ... high fives on the boat and laughing until our stomachs are sore seems to be the norm these days. Being with a mate when they are having an experience in their life that they will never forget is a great thing. I am humbled by these experiences I am being fortunate enough to be a part of.

On the last Christmas Island trip I was joined by fellow Sydney angler Rod Kimberley who was great fun to be with so it was only fitting that he was invited to be a part of the Safari. Rod is a 16 year old boy in a 66 year old body ... the man just goes and goes and goes .. casting all day, constantly doing stuff and keen as a bean to catch fish. With multiple marathons, triathlons and a Hawaiian Iron Man under his belt, it's easy to see why.

Not long after flying in, it wasn't long before we were straight into the action

The best of 5 goldies that rod landed in this session

A lovely rankin cod caught dredging flies over a shoal

The second half of the double hookup, another quality goldy

There's something truly magical about a camp-fire under a clear night sky. Dinner was freshly caught fish with a hint of garlic and dash of lemon on the open fire, yummy tomato and onion relish and cous-cous, plus a nice bottle of red to wash it down

When the wind was blowing from the East as is so often does at this time of year, we spent a day walking the beaches on the Western side (Ningaloo Reef) of Exmouth looking for anything that moves. Although it was beautiful there, the fishing on that side has been really quiet for some reason and I am yet to see a bonefish, let alone be lucky enough to catch one

Exmouth and mother nature have a very healthy relationship

Rod also enjoys casting poppers on traditional gear and it wasn't long before we found some bait being harassed by some toothy shark mackerel

I picked up the popping rod and got absolutely smoked by a big GT that ran me into the reef on 50lb braid ... I'd better stick to fly fishing I think. Rod on the other hand was using 130lb braid so when he hooked up, we just put the boat in gear and pulled them out ... like this nice GT on the last day

The smiles say it all. Thanks Rod for a truly memorable week

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