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08/04/2009  Still driving after how many days?
The rig and I made it to Esperance which is a gorgeous part of the world in the South of Western Australia ... I was so tempted to put my boat in a see if there were any salmon about but I needed to get to Dunsborough the following day so time was precious.

Cool scenery - a suitable backdrop for the rig which I had started referring to as a space shuttle due to it's unbelievable performance

After 6 days straight, driving solo across Oz for 4552km I made it to Dunsborough WA where I caught up with my best mate whom I hadn't seen for 2 years. Naturally we did the logical thing of picking up a few cold beers and heading straight out in search of some over-sized WA salmon.

It was also a good chance to get the boat wet and give the new Suzuki 90 a run after the journey. It started first go and man does it push my UB along nicely!! Economy is brilliant and it's actually quieter than my Yammie 50.

And here it is ladies, gents and cynics ... the first picture of a fish on this post and my first fish of the trip. It was like catching my first fish on fly all over again, I was so friggin stoked !! A monster WA salmon than you very much..

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